Arcade games

Hii guys, in my todays blog we will be discussing about the coin operated machine known as Arcade games which we usually find in bowling alley,shopping malls.which are very much fun, do you know how long history does it have.

History of arcade games

Aracade games were started building from late 1920s.The early games made were ball toss,fortune telling games.After that a coin operated machine known as pinball was evolved in 1930s which was made up of wood material.this game was loved by people very much this game was placed in amusement parks for being played by people.As this games were made up of wood and had no electronic display board it had a mechanical score readout systemafter.This was the hitory of arcade games.

Types of Arcade games

After the invention of Arcade games the pinball machines were the first machine games after that electromechanical games

redemption games and merchandiser games came into arcade industry.

# Pinball machines– pinball was a coin operated machine in which a player had to manipulate a steel ball in a packed glass box known as pin ball machine.the main aim of this game was to keep this ball into the box for as many time as possible  and points were scored when it stricked the various assets in the box.This game was launched in 1995 with name theatre of magic.


#Electromechanical Games-Electro mechanical games were a combination of electrical and mechanical elements that were used to make later arcade games.this types of games were started to make from 1966 the most famous game that time which made a success in America Europe and Japan was Periscope which was a submarine simulator. This types of games made a large people Attract towards this electromechanical games after this duck shooting games ,racing games ,first person shooter games were launched.arcade-game-galaga

#Redemption games-this types of games were made to  redeem tickets from the score of a player made from any game  this machine will proportionally give you tickets to win prices.there were prices on this tickets which were like soft toys,candys and small electronics.

#Merchandiser- Merchandisers were invented to solve the problems faced by widrawing tickets that if a player win the game and if he gets a ticket and if he pules it he can remove as many tickets as he want.So, to solve the problem merchandisers were made which had a claw crane and gifts inside a glass box.In which a player has to control the claw crane and pick up a toy from it.md_0a59ce64fc4c090726e40cd_

#Golden age-arcade were had a time when they were very famous in people the time was from 1970s to early 1980s.varoius games such as pac man,Battlezone,bosconian,defender were the very famous game which were easily in restuarants bars, grocery shops

#Decline After- 1990s the decline of arcade games were started in 2000s the computer and various consoles were started taking place of arcade games a person was comfortable to buy a computer game instade of going and playing a game outside to various shops this made a massive loss to arcade games

but today also Arcade games are present on various places standing erect and telling there long history and also people enjoy playing it..


What needs to publish a Game on ios

                Hii, my todays blog is that what all we need to publish a game on ios lets star first with a short introduction of ios

ios is a mobile operating system developed by apple and used on apple hardware like iphone, other operating system ios also has its own app store which contains 1.4 million applications.plutus09      In 2012 apple devices made 410 million dollars by selling apple devices after 

that they sold 800 million devices june 2014 and now apple has announed that they have sold 1 billion ios devices.Every team publishing their app on ios…..

So what do you you think to publish your app on ios…

Yes!then this will be the process to do this

First you will have to set up a development certificate of,lest have a CSR.To request an ios development certificate you first need to generate a certificate signing request utilizing the keychain acess application in mac os.This will help you to establish your own identity on ios.azb4doK_700b                                                                      So, now we have an own identity of ours on lets go the next step by creating a distribution profile.

The first step in setting up a distribution  profile is to create a certificate signing request.For this we need our keychain No. emailId. This process can be done on a mac by goining through (OCSP) online certificate foe approval by logging in into the ios provisioning portal.Here you have to upload your certificate to approval it.

After the approval we have to publish the game to apple publishing by after filling all the details you can upload your game and can test it out before your final submission.

388832                                                                                                                        Now remains the final and last step to submit your game to Apple.

This can be done by logging into application loader after you login to application loader sucesfully you can choose the application you prepared for upload.

check all the information about the application and the continue with choose to select the file and send after the upload your game is ready to use on ios

So are you ready to uplad your Game on ios.

And this are links that will surely help you out 1)


MoTioN ControLLeR

      In the digital world of gaming when gaming industry was on its peak of sucess by making arcade games a new device was introduced by Sega in far 1976 with a arcade boxing game called heavy weight champ, where the player had to physically move a punching glove controller to punch.which was named as motion controller.

A motion controller is a device which is used by a player to perform various actions like racing,fighting,shooting.

a motion controller give a ease to player to control the game himeself. As he wants to.the Idea making a motion controller was to give games a realistic movements than looks.    


In this field sega was the first to introduced a motion controller,Sega intoduced a sega activation which used to read players physical movements and was the first controller to allow full body motion sensing, but it had a commercial failure due to its unwieldiness and inaccuracy.After this failure Nintendo wii was introduced in 2006 which made a Taikan trend, the use of motion controlled hydraulic arcade cabinates in many arcade games. This made motion controllers became popular on video game consoles.

After this microsoft introduced and emphasized the Kinect ,it moved the Xbox to the

This console used a combination infrared structured light and computer vision ,and the sixense True motion, which uses a magnetic field to determine position and orientaton.This got a lot of people to look at games differently,but it produced very few great games .

Wii sports, Wii sports resort, Red steel 2 ,Flower,Dance Central were the excellent motion controller games.Most of the companies and people invested their money for making and buying it. But may be this is what the future gaming is………..leap-motion-controller

this are some references that will help you to understand motion controller.




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My week has been planned to coincide with Andrew and Rachel’s ski trip to France. A vacation week to myself without fear of injury and frostbite. Or getting sucked into the inevitable raclette-fest. It was to be just me, the cat and a head full of ideas. But, as soon as I delivered my family to the airport, I headed into town. Pottering, purchasing (a new-rustic butler table that you see here), nibbling and procrastinating. Then it seemed too late to get started, and I wanted a walk, so I headed down to the local river in search…

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