What needs to publish a Game on ios

                Hii, my todays blog is that what all we need to publish a game on ios device.so lets star first with a short introduction of ios

ios is a mobile operating system developed by apple and used on apple hardware like iphone,ipad.like other operating system ios also has its own app store which contains 1.4 million applications.plutus09      In 2012 apple devices made 410 million dollars by selling apple devices after 

that they sold 800 million devices june 2014 and now apple has announed that they have sold 1 billion ios devices.Every team publishing their app on ios…..

So what do you you think to publish your app on ios…

Yes!then this will be the process to do this

First you will have to set up a development certificate of ios.so,lest have a CSR.To request an ios development certificate you first need to generate a certificate signing request utilizing the keychain acess application in mac os.This will help you to establish your own identity on ios.azb4doK_700b                                                                      So, now we have an own identity of ours on ios.so lets go the next step by creating a distribution profile.

The first step in setting up a distribution  profile is to create a certificate signing request.For this we need our keychain No. emailId. This process can be done on a mac by goining through (OCSP) online certificate foe approval by logging in into the ios provisioning portal.Here you have to upload your certificate to approval it.

After the approval we have to publish the game to apple publishing by http://Publish.gamesalad.com/games after filling all the details you can upload your game and can test it out before your final submission.

388832                                                                                                                        Now remains the final and last step to submit your game to Apple.

This can be done by logging into application loader after you login to application loader sucesfully you can choose the application you prepared for upload.

check all the information about the application and the continue with choose to select the file and send after the upload your game is ready to use on ios

So are you ready to uplad your Game on ios.

And this are links that will surely help you out 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycTAv4wqMNQ

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIC_lpZ5uh4


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