MoTioN ControLLeR

      In the digital world of gaming when gaming industry was on its peak of sucess by making arcade games a new device was introduced by Sega in far 1976 with a arcade boxing game called heavy weight champ, where the player had to physically move a punching glove controller to punch.which was named as motion controller.

A motion controller is a device which is used by a player to perform various actions like racing,fighting,shooting.

a motion controller give a ease to player to control the game himeself. As he wants to.the Idea making a motion controller was to give games a realistic movements than looks.    


In this field sega was the first to introduced a motion controller,Sega intoduced a sega activation which used to read players physical movements and was the first controller to allow full body motion sensing, but it had a commercial failure due to its unwieldiness and inaccuracy.After this failure Nintendo wii was introduced in 2006 which made a Taikan trend, the use of motion controlled hydraulic arcade cabinates in many arcade games. This made motion controllers became popular on video game consoles.

After this microsoft introduced and emphasized the Kinect ,it moved the Xbox to the

This console used a combination infrared structured light and computer vision ,and the sixense True motion, which uses a magnetic field to determine position and orientaton.This got a lot of people to look at games differently,but it produced very few great games .

Wii sports, Wii sports resort, Red steel 2 ,Flower,Dance Central were the excellent motion controller games.Most of the companies and people invested their money for making and buying it. But may be this is what the future gaming is………..leap-motion-controller

this are some references that will help you to understand motion controller.





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